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The document managing tool integrated with MSWord.
By using EasyDoc You ensure high quality and effiency in the processes of creating and locating documents, keeping track of activities related to projects, companies and contacts. Every bit of information that is registered once, might be searched for later. You don't need to retype this information in the Word processor (MS Word). Your needs for customizing is taken care of, because changing and making ready to use templates is done with little effort by yourselves. More Info


LazyDoc - Fast, Easy and Structured access to Vital Files

Use LazyDoc to gather your current vital Files in Categories. Try it, and feel how lazy you might be when you want to open those documents (Reports, Sheets, Drawings, Presentations and Notes). More Info.


Database Integration Manager

Useful for Converting or sharing data between tables in the same or different databases.

The Universal solution when integrating one Database with another.  More Info.



OfficeBatcher is a handy tool that execute programs or macros in programs (batch jobs, queries, printouts) at predefined moment times.  More Info.

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icoiconman.gif (163 bytes) IcoMan

IcoMan is a handy tool for automatizing the process of creating program icons/items. It runs under Windows 3.x to Windows NT and 98. IcoMan is especially useful when You need to create the same Desktop Icons on several Workstations in a network. More Info, or download icoman21.exe (16 bit) or icoman32bit.exe right now.



VbWrapp.dll for Visual Basic (5.0 or later) contains a lot of useful functions that makes advanced programming tasks easy and powerful.

VBWrapp gives your users flexibility to customise all Captions, Headers, ToolTips, Default Values and Grid Column widths. VBWrapp makes your form seek-able on all fields or the combination of all fields, and provides an universal method for Mail Merging. It adds Copy, Paste and Multiple-delete functionality to Your DBGrid, gives the Combo In Grid functionality, and much more..... Get More Info, or Download The Project Files right now.


icoiniedit.gif (420 bytes) Iniedit

Iniedit is a handy tool for automatizing the process of editing ini files like win.ini, system.ini or program specific ini files (e.g. winword.ini). Iniedit is especially useful when You need to write the same settings to ini files on several Workstations in a network. It runs under Windows 3.x to Windows NT and 98.  More Info.

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